Mark Hamill went to the Disney Offices in London and nobody had a clue who he was


Look at the man above. This man is Mark Hamill. We know that he’s Mark Hamill because he’s in four of the most iconic films that have ever been made. Subsequently his face has been burnt onto our retinas and etched into the very memory banks of our minds.

He is Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker. Even if you hate Star Wars it’s almost impossible to not know who he is, especially considering the massive Disney reboot of the franchise last year, a reboot that stars none other than Mark Hamill.

It's quite strange then that when Mark Hamill walked into the London offices of Disney, the company that owns the very films that he’s starring in as quite a pivotal character, they seemed to not really know who he was - let alone his name.

Just picture that scene at the front desk for a second...

Hamill: Hi, I'm here to see R....

Desk person: Right... and your name is?

Hamill: Erm... it's Mark. Mark Hamill.

Desk person: Sure Mr Hamilton. Take a seat and I'll let them know that you're here.

Luckilly, Mark Hamill is quite a chill guy, as seen brilliantly with these autographs…