Kanye West can't find his Uber so he hitches a ride with the paparazzi


Is Kanye West starting to warm to the paparazzi?

Barely a month since the rapper broke up a fight between two snappers, he's now accepted an offer of a lift from a pair when his Uber didn’t show.

Admittedly not quite the sort of ride you’d see parked on the driveway of the Kardashian residence, the 'greatest musician alive™' is more than happy to jump in an ordinary looking car with two strangers who get paid to stalk him. This very odd situation is available to watch in the video below.

Come to think of it, his move makes one hundred percent sense. If these tabloid camera folk are going to follow you around day in/day out, snapping you all over town, why not make the most of it every once and a while, bunging them some petrol money and going halves on a journey?

We hear Kanye could do with saving a few bucks at the minute, what being '$53m' in debt. Wait, was he even really calling an Uber?

The little devil.