John Boyega and Mark Hamill are getting Star Wars fans very excited with their Twitter chat

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Matt Tate

Mark Hamill: wise old Jedi and notorious Twitter troll. 

A few days ago the actor – who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, in case any of the three people on planet Earth who aren’t already aware of that are, by chance, browsing today – teased fans by tagging co-star John Boyega in a suspicious social media post. 

Boyega eventually replied.

“Son? SON? DAD?!” screamed aficionados worldwide, leaping to their feet, plastic lightsabers brandished, demanding answers. 

The reaction wasn’t quite that extreme, in truth, but hopefully you enjoyed the imagery. 

Mark Hamill has form for this. His birthday message to the Peckham-born actor last year whipped fans into a bit of frenzy, and did nothing to end the speculative fan theories about Episode VIII. Just give “is Finn Luke’s son” a little Google if you want to see for yourself. 

We’d quite like to see them keep this up until The Last Jedi hits cinemas in December. 

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