This supercut of Jeff Goldblum making random noises for four minutes is what you need right now

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Tom Victor

We love Jeff Goldblum. You love Jeff Goldblum. Everyone loves Jeff Goldblum.

I mean, why else did you click on a link where we’ve laid out in plain English that all you’re going to get is the Jurassic Park star making an assortment of random noises?

The 65-year-old, who recently shared with us how he spends every second of every day, is the sort of person you’d pay to see read the phonebook.

Sure, you could see him read Principal Skinner’s part from The Simpsons’ ‘Steamed Hams’ sequence for free, but why not both?

We’ve seen Goldbum give away free food, disprove rumours of his own death, and, of course, make countless unscripted random noises during his many film roles.

If you want to gear up for his return to his most famous franchise role in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, then this ought to act as a good primer.

Anyone who thinks four whole minutes of Jeff Goldblum saying ‘aah’, ‘uhh’ and ‘hurh’, and assorted variants, either (a) doesn’t appreciate genius, (b) hates fun or (c) both.

Yes, we may have slightly represented the above – there is also the odd ‘aww’, ‘ooh’ and ‘uh’ (yes, ‘uh’ is distinct from ‘uhh’, and if you can’t tell the difference we pity you).

Critics say the best actors are those who can convey emotion without using actual words, and while they might have had facial expressions in mind when making the assertion, audible non-words are just as good.

You thought Owen Wilson’s ‘wow’ supercut was good? This is on another level entirely.

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