Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford was announced and Twitter quite rightly lost its mind


Indiana Jones and The Lost Stairlift.

When the fifth outing of cinema’s foremost fedora-wearing archaeologist was announced by Disney yesterday, with Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg returning to the action, our immediate thoughts went to Harrison’s knees. Those poor creaky knees.

At 75 – he’ll be 77 when the film comes out - he’s practically an artefact himself at this point. Not to mention a man also on the mend from two major injuries, one stemming from an accident on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in which a door was dropped on his shoulder, the other when he crashed his plane onto a golf course.

We were far from alone in our concern:

The news even spawned a hashtag called #NewIndianaJonesMovieTitles:

Still, at least he had some fans. Step forward Jimmy Kimmel...

Naturally, then came the little problem of Harrison's forgettable fourth Indy sequel – 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

And of course someone had to bring up fridge-gate again.

Other Twitter users pondered over Shia Labeouf's involvement. Considering the actor didn't enjoy the film (would you after that CGI monkey swinging scene?) yet his reveal as spawn of Jones makes him a tough character to write out. 

Then again, we would pay handsomely to see this:

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