Can you guess the highest grossing film for every year since 1980?

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Gary Ogden

There’ve been a lot of films over the years, hasn’t there? Some of them have even made some money; some absolutely loads of moneySome, so much money that they’ve made the most money out of all the other films that year.

Those films are what we’re interested in today, because I’ve only gone and made a quiz, a quiz that challenges you to find the highest grossing movie in every year since 1980. And just to make it extra difficult, you’ve got to choose from the four biggest earners, so you know that all of them made sacks of cash.

You will not get 100% on this quiz because it is almost impossible. I played it through once I’d made it and still didn’t get them all correct.

Basically, good luck, because there’s no way in hell you’re gonna ace this bad boy.


If you got anything over 20 then you are going to hell.

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