'Get Out' has broken records by raking in $200 million worldwide

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Gary Ogden

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, may I give you the following piece of advice: DO. DO SEE IT.

It’s bloody great, and it just poured more cement onto my love for Jordan Peele, who I want to be friends with so desperately that it’s almost becoming quite sad. But before I start crying, let’s get onto Jordan, because he’s breaking records at the moment.

That’s because he has become the first African-American writer-director to have his debut movie pass the $200 million mark at the worldwide box-office. That’s even more impressive when you factor in that Get Out’s budget was a paltry $4.5 million. That’s not half bad for a rookie.

He’s just around the corner from another record, too – he’s only got $3 million more to make before he surpasses the biggest box office opening for an African-American director. The current record is held by Clark Johnson for 2003’s S.W.A.T. (he didn’t write it as well, unlike Peele), which made a cool $207.1 million, on a much larger budget of $70 million.

Off the back of Peele’s success with Get Out, he’s signed a pretty hefty two-year first-look deal with Universal Pictures, meaning they get first dibs on his next couple of scripts. The deal also includes his working with Blumhouse (the production company behind Get Out) on more smaller budget flicks. Like a sequel to Get Out, called Get Outer, or something.

The next movie on his plate appears to be an as-yet-untitled thriller “laced with topical social themes”, which will obviously be good, won’t it? I will happily put all my faith in him forever more. Much like I do with Jason Statham.

Jordan Peele could be the next Jason Statham, is what I’m saying.


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