Former Star Wars actor confirms they won't return if asked. Ends loads of fan theories


Actor Ahmed Best isn't a household name. You probably wouldn't recognise him if you were sharing an intimate lift ride to the 43rd floor. But we can guarantee that you're aware of his most famous character.

Best was the man behind the voice and movements of one Jar Jar Binks - the bumbling alien who has since become a microcosm of hatred for the wider failings of George Lucas' prequel Star Wars trilogy. 

As hype mounted for (the mercifully brilliant) The Force Awakens, fans revisited Binks' inclusion in the wider saga, forming a detailed theory that he was actually a secret Sith Lord. Could Binks return for the new trilogy, a long-forgotten saboteur re-emerging to thwart Luke and co?

No. At least, not with Ahmed Best's involvement. Jamie Stangroom recently sought out Best for an interview in his These Are The Actors You're Looking For YouTube series, in which he quizzed the actor about his work on the films and how his life changed as a result.

A compelling, honest interview, it's well worth a watch.