Force Awakens-themed family portrait (with baby BB-8) beats all other family portraits ever

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Dan Masoliver

Engagement portraits have a tendency to lean towards the clichéd – couples pressing lips beneath the Eiffel Tower, holding hands under a setting sun, or walking along the shoreline while waves lap gently at their feet.

Not so in the case of Star Wars fans and self-confessed nerds Victor Sine and his fiancée Julianne Payne, who chose to chronicle their love by getting dressed up as Force Awakens characters Finn and Rey, respectively.

Even their months-old baby daughter Addie got in on the action, as a pint-sized droid BB-8 – or “Baby 8” as her dad affectionately (and more than a little bizarrely) calls his first-born child.

“I've been pretty nerdy for a long time.” Sine, 25, told ABC News. “I embrace it. And Jules loves things like anime and crafting and sewing, but she only recently – when we started dating last year – embraced her nerdy side. It's really cool to be able to do this together.”

And the photos – one of the more unusual jobs taken on by wedding photographer Robert Lance Montgomery – aren’t the end up the couple’s affectionate Star Wars tribute. Guests at their wedding, set to take place this May, will feel the full force of their geekiness.

“We're going to get a lot of lightsabers so that in the... reception, everyone will kind of raise their lightsabers for pictures,” said Sine. “We're thinking about maybe having a lightsaber battle. Like, we're going to start dancing and then pull out our lightsabers then battle for a second.”

It all sounds like harmless fun. Which is why it’s probably best that no-one point out to the soon-to-be-weds that things don’t tend to work out for couples in the Star Wars universe.

[Images; Robert Lance Montgomery]