Michael B. Jordan is back in this creepy new trailer for 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Check out the new trailer for 'Fahrenheit 451' with Michael B Jordan

The original 1966 adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 ain’t half bad, you know, but hey, the quality of a previous property has no bearing on its capacity to be remade, over and over again, forever. Which is why HBO are creating an original reboot movie, set to go straight to their channel in May.

The film stars Michael B. Jordan, fresh from being everyone’s favourite Marvel villain ever, as a young underling to Michael Shannon’s tyrannical Captain Beatty, a man who’s not averse to burning the odd book. In fact, if I’m right here, I think he wants to burn all of them.

Essentially, the movie, based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, follows a regime that is introduced to destroy all books, with Beatty’s reasoning being: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. News, facts, memoirs, internet of old – burn it.”

Also worthy of note is Michael B. Jordan’s predilection for burning stuff in his career - in this he states, quite matter-of-factly, “I want to burn”; in Black Panther, he makes the rather ominous threat: “Imma burn it all”; and in Fantastic Four he plays the Human Torch, a man who can literally turn into a fireball at any given moment. This man is obsessed with fire, and it is very worrying.

Anyway, the movie’s out in the US in May, but no word is out on the UK release date. Here’s the trailer:

(Image: HBO)


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