Epic mashup puts all your favourite film characters in one bathroom scene


If you've been following Antonio Maria Da Silva's Hell's Club series (and if you haven't, start following here and here), you'll be familiar with his fictional nightclub, where all of cinema's most famous characters coexist, dancing the night away to the Bee Gees and getting shirty with each other queueing for Jaeger Bombs.

Ever the entrepreneur, Da Silva's only gone and added toilets to his discotheque to keep his punters happy, and it's brilliant.

It's an incredible feat of cutting, lighting, staging, sound mixing and timing, plus it has a bit where Renton from Trainspotting finds the Titanic at the bottom of a bog. So if you've ever wanted to watch Ben Stiller get urinal fear as Tyler Durden and Tony Montana square off, while Jim Carrey beats himself up and Mr Bean tries to dry an incriminating stain off his crotch, at the same time, in the same gents - and let's be honest, you have - you'll hand your drink to your closest pal, tell them you'll be nine minutes and head to the Hell's Club bathroom for the most fun you can have in a toilet without being ejected from the premises.