Design us a poster for The Walk and win a big prize


We were pretty taken with the recent flick The Walk – Robert Zemickis’s visually stunning look at the real-life adventure of Philippe Petite, the man who walked a tightrope suspended between the towers of the World Trade Centre.

We’re also pretty taken with alternative film posters, which can often turn out better than a film’s original one-sheet. Honestly, what would you rather see: half of a movie star’s head, with a tagline about them living in a world where justice is a memory? Or the result of some of our most inventive graphic designers let loose on the most interesting intellectual property around?

This is where you come in...

To mark The Walk’s triumphant arrival on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD, we’re offering a 32-in LED TV and Blu-Ray player to the enterprising soul who can produce what we deem to be the best poster for the film, with the five runners bagging themselves a Blu-ray of the film.

To enter, Tweet us your best effort to @shortlist or email it to The deadline is Friday Feb 12.

So get doodling – we’re looking for the most inventive posters we can find.