Mark Hamill sends Daisy Ridley a birthday message she won't soon forget


We’ve heard of Hollywood stars throwing their weight around on set, but Mark Hamill took things to a whole new level as he and co-star Daisy Ridley recreated Luke Skywalker and Yoda’s iconic Jedi training scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

In what has become probably the most shared birthday greeting in history – if you ignore, you know, Christmas – Mark Hamill tweeted this picture of himself and Ridley, taken during a break in filming at London’s Pinewood Studios, to celebrate the English actress’ 24th birthday yesterday.

Hamill, who is old enough to be her FATHER – nudge nudge, wink wink –­ captioned the picture: “A long time ago (last week I think) In a galaxy far, far way(@PinewoodStudios ) THIS happened! Happy Birthday Daisy!”

It’s a heart-warming image. But honestly, it’s enough of a burden on Ridley to carry the astronomical weight of the Star Wars franchise on her young shoulders, without having to physically schlep her fellow cast members around on her back.