Check out these rediscovered Polaroids of famous stars when they were young

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Hollywood stars, with their perfectly coiffed hair, flawlessly smooth skin and blindingly white teeth. You, with your greasy, matted mop, complexion like the surface of Mars and teeth like a row of 100-year-old gravestones. The difference between us and them is light-years long – it’s almost like they’re a different species.

Which is why it’s nice and gratifying to see them looking, well, normal. A recently rediscovered bunch of Polariods belonging to famous casting director Mali Finn showcase exactly that – big fancy famous actors looking all down-to-earth at the beginning of their careers. Finn was a big deal in the casting world, and made the careers of a number of actors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, so her access to the (now) stars was unprecedented.

Check them out:

While the clear winner is Billy Bob Thornton, looking like a full-blown serial killer, the astonishing normality of the young bucks is what makes these so fascinating. Ben Stiller looks like every single one of your mates rolled into one. He is the original 2.4 man.

Here are some closer looks and alternative pics:

Lovely, no? Although admittedly, they still look better than you do now.


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