Check out Mark Hamill's Joker in this twisted new Batman film

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David Cornish

"Mark Hamill from Star Wars?"


"In a Batman film?!"

Well, an animated one, yes.


Don't let that fool you. Hamill has been arguably the most successful 'voice' of the Joker ever since he was cast in the role back in 1992. While that's included many 'child-friendly' cartoons, this latest effort is anything but PG. 

This adaptation of Alan Moore's dark, insane one-off comic Batman: The Killing Joke - a story that pits Batman against his nemesis in one final fight - has promised big things ever since it gained an 'R' rating in the US.

If this first trailer is anything to go by, this could be the best Batman film since Nolan hung up his cape (sorry Snyder).

Batman: The Killing Joke is set to release in July 2016