Here's the first trailer for 'Transformers' spin-off 'Bumblebee'

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Watch the first trailer for 'Transformers' spin-off 'Bumblebee'

It’s Transformers, BUT IN THE ‘80s, DUDE

There have been a lot of Transformers films, haven’t there? There have been five of them, so far. Five whole films about robots what done turn into vroom vroom cars. Diminishing returns? Some may say so, but that’s not going to stop them making them, is it? What it will do, however, is force them to try something new, like the classic get-out-clause: the ‘spin-off’.

Which is what they’ve done. The next Transformers film will not be Transformers 6 in the traditional sense, it will instead be Transformers 0 - yep, they’re going the prequel route. The film, titled Bumblebee, will occur 20 years before the first Transformers movie, in the ‘80s, and will focus on crowd-favourite Bumblebee.

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Hailee Steinfeld is centre stage, as a girl who discovers that her car is actually a robot alien (hate it, really really just hate it when that happens), and has to help him not get killed by Starscream, John Cena et al. It’s your standard Transformers fare, but pared down a tad, which is nice. Keep it to a few robots, nice and simple - make it easy to actually work out what is happening on screen at any given moment.

Anyway, here’s your trailer, robot-fans:

Is it possible to cry at a movie about robots that turn into cars, and vice-versa? Yes. Would it be highly embarrassing for a grown man to do this? Yes. Is it still going to happen? By the looks of things, unfortunately yes, also.

Bumblebee is out December 26, regardless.

(Image: Dreamworks/Paramount)


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