The best ever uses of songs in movies - as chosen by Reddit

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Music and movies go together like bread and meat – hell, movies had music before they even had sound. Silent films were often accompanied by live music at public screenings – you really can’t have a movie without music (found bloody footage not withstanding). 

But when a song fits a movie scene perfectly, ooooh yeah that’s the good stuff. That’s when the pants come off – it’s that sweet spot all directors want to hit.

So Reddit posted the very simple question to its users: “What's Your Favourite Use of a Song in a Film?”

The answers were rather predictable, but you you can’t argue with them – they’re all pretty spot-on. Here are the most popular picks:

Yes, I agree with all of these, but there are a couple missing, that’s for sure.

Like Sia – ‘Waving Goodbye’ from The Neon Demon (which kidded me into thinking I liked the film just because it’s such a good song):

Or perhaps Bonnie Tyler – ‘I Need A Hero’ from Short Circuit 2 (which makes me cry every time):

Or Vanessa Carlton – ‘A Thousand Miles’ from White Chicks (which makes me laugh every time):

Ooooorrr Orbital – ‘Halycon On And On’ from Mortal Kombat (bonus points for a sneak of the greatest movie theme tune of all time The Immortals – ‘Techno Syndrome’):

Or maybe even better: Jeff Healey Band – ‘When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky’ from Roadhouse (the best ending credits ever? VERY POSSIBLY):

Buck up your ideas, Reddit.

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