Benedict Cumberbatch takes a twisted trip in the first trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange


‘Open your mind’. ‘Forget what you know’. ‘Please, please, please don’t get sick of superhero films – we’ve got children to feed’.

Here comes the first trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, brimming with the sort of dialogue you just know will be tagline fodder. It’s also – well – strange, and that’s even before we get to Benedict Cumberbatch’s beard.

When renowned surgeon Stephen Vincent Strange suffers an accident limiting the use of his hands, it’s not long before he’s off on a quest for a miracle cure, finding Tilda Swinton’s bald-headed guru in some exotic climate, who soon teaches him how to move between mystical realms in the backdrop of some Matrix-like dojo.

Another sci-fi we can’t help but liken it to by the end of the all-action teaser is Inception: as the dimensions of Marvel’s universes are seen collapsing on one another, it promises to be Marvel's most mind-bending film to date.

Marvel's Doctor Strange hits cinemas from 28 October