Anthony Hopkins used Twitter to 'dance like nobody is watching' and it was absolutely terrifying

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Tom Victor

Hannibal Lecter was scary, but this is on another level entirely

Some actors will forever be associated with a role to the point that we begin to see even their most innocuous behaviour through the prism of that performance.

Sir Anthony Hopkins might have earned three Best Actor Oscar nominations in three vastly different roles, but he will always be best known among certain film fans for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

He has moved on from that, as have many of his fans, but that doesn’t stop his most innocuous moments taking in a bit of an edge.

Moments like Hopkins just having a little dance.

OK, yes, there’s a lot going on here, and the dramatic big band music probably adds an extra edge which even he didn’t anticipate (or, alternatively, which he added into the mix entirely deliberately).

On top of that, the jolting, out-of-focus camera gives it the air of a found-footage horror movie – come to think of it, Hopkins would be perfect in a found-footage horror movie; he could even play himself, or at least a more terrifying version of himself.

Then you have the “all work and no play” caption, channelling The Shining. This is a man who knows how to tell a great horror story.

At first glance, it feels like the maniacal music is what gives this clip its terrifying tinge, but we quickly realised that’s not the case.

Try watching it back with the sound off. That’s right, it’s still terrifying – perhaps even more so. Brb, just off to hide behind a sofa for a bit…

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