You're going to want to hang all these alternative movie posters on your wall

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Ben Scott

Movie posters are just cool. 

There’s no denying it; some of the most iconic bits of art you can put in a frame in your own house are inspired by films that we all know and love.

But often, alternative movie posters have an even better take on a film than the original - unconstrained by marketing fluff, they're minimalist, bold, illustrative prints that really turn heads when you have the neighbours round. Best of all, thanks to the magic of the internet, there are loads of people creating film posters now which makes it easier than ever before to buy some beautiful creations of your own.

You just have to know where to look. Thankfully, we’ve got your back.

French illustrator Patrick Connan is one such artist, worthy of your time and attention. Be warned; a scroll through these images may result in desperately pining for a print of your own - in which case you'll need to head to his shop here.

(Images: Patrick Connan)


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