All the amputations in Star Wars make it look a much darker saga


Decapitation, disembowelment and dismemberment.

All the bad d’s, basically, and all pivotal to a sci-fi film franchise celebrated for a moment when a father chops his son’s hand off. As you do.

Indeed, along with hinted interstellar incest, the original Star Wars triology was far darker than most of us realised, with a good bulk of action scenes involving someone being cut in two or having a few digits removed in an act of neon-tinted violence.

Now, this visual horror has been compiled wonderfully by Vimeo whizz Whoispablo for one limb-splicing supercut.

Shrewdly soundtracked to the sound of Tomoyasu Hotei’s Battle Without Honour or Humanity – better known as the tune Uma Thurman waltzed around to in Kill Bill – it should serve as another warning about messing around with lightsabers.

They’ll have more than an eye out.