There's a new animated 'Addams Family' with a hell of a voice cast

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There's a new animated 'Addams Family' with a hell of a voice cast

Here’s our first look at the brand new reboot of the 1960s classic

Da da da dum, click click. Da da da dum, click click. Da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dum, click click. The 1960s TV version of The Addams Family had the best theme tune in the world, something which may or may not make in into the new animated movie currently being made.

The first image from the film shows they’ve taken a lot more visual influence from the original one-panel cartoons drawn by Charles Addams for the New Yorker in the 1930s than from any of the live-action outings. This isn’t a bad thing at all – the cartoons are fantastic – but can be slightly jarring if you’ve grown up with Raúl Juliá’s more slender Gomez. Some corners of the internet have reacted less than enthusiastically, but it looks like it could be pretty great.

Here’s the first look at the film:

There's a new animated 'Addams Family' with a hell of a voice cast 1

That looks like the Addams Family alright! Slight concerns about Wednesday’s face being difficult to watch – her mouth is so, so small – but other than that it looks like a lot of fun. Killer cheekbones on Morticia and Lurch.

But, more exciting than the image, is the voice cast, which is basically perfect.

  • Oscar Isaac as Gomez: Yes, this is perfect, there is nobody more perfect to play Gomez, amazing, well done everyone.
  • Charlize Theron as Morticia: Yes, fantastic, what a great choice, brilliant stuff.
  • Nick Kroll as Fester: Oh wow, yeah, great, he’ll be really funny, yep.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday: Hey, that’s a really good shout, good call, nice work.
  • Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley: Whoooooa, wouldn’t have thought of that, but it seems like he’ll do a really good job, yeah, good stuff.
  • Bette Midler as Grandmama: Well that’s just excellent. 

They’re joined by Alison Janney (who is always great in everything so will be great in this, good call everyone) as Margaux Needler, a villainous reality-TV host. 

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They should definitely take some stuff from the ‘60s version and beyond, though. The Gomez and Morticia of the TV series and the 1990s films were that rarest of things – a middle-aged couple who genuinely fancied each other. While most sitcom parents lived lives of suburban drudgery, the Addamses were regularly rendered doo-lally with lust for one another (especially Gomez, any time Morticia used a French word). That’s nice, isn’t it?

The Addams Family is released on October 11 2019.

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