Action-packed new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer tantalises more footage


“You might need this.” 

Good to see Harrison Ford’s gruff space pilot Han Solo’s lost none of his humour since the original trilogy.

Among a few tantalising morsels of new footage in a new TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which aired in the US last night, Solo hands Daisy Ridley’s Rey a blaster similar to the one he used in the original series before uttering the understatement of the century. Which century is still unclear but needless to say she’ll be needing it.

The other major snippet sure to have fanboys getting a bit too excited is that of John Boyega’s Finn, striking his effervescent blue lightsaber into a stormtrooper – technically, if we’re right on the plot so far, a former colleague – in what could be one of the film’s standout battle scenes. Still no Luke but we're quite enjoying the mystery surrounding Mr Skywalker.

Best of all - showing he's anything but just a good mentor - towards the end of the trailer Solo and his furball pal Chewie are seen emerging from a rubble enclave when the veteran blasts a few stormtroopers to bits himself.

Well, someone’s got to show these youngsters how it’s done.