100 years of film history celebrated with the best shot from each year


A century of cinema condensed into a single, six-minute-long video.

It sounds overly simplistic – disrespectful even – to think that you could put together a highlights reel for the history of film. And yet that is exactly what Jacob T. Swinney has done, with truly epic results.

Set to an appropriately filmic soundtrack, the video is a compilation of the stand-out shots from the stand-out films from each year’s releases.

Swinney has previous in the movie mash-up game, putting together equally ingenious supercuts of Tarantino ultra-violence and the evolution of Batman.

But with scenes from Nosferatu to Psycho, Scarface to Reservoir Dogs, and The Exorcist to The Dark Knight, Swinney has outdone himself this time, skipping seamlesly from iconic moment to somehow-even-more-iconic moment.

Treat it like the ultimate pub quiz movie round and name as many as you can. Bonus points for correctly identified movies pre-1960...