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Watch one of the most gripping sport documentaries ever for free


We have for you what the Romans would’ve called a bonus maximus equinus. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Stella Artois to bring you the latest sumptuous offering from the ShortList Film Club: Palio.

It’s no lie to say that this is one of the most gripping sport documentaries ever. The Palio di Siena is a biannual horse race, with roots going back to the 14th century, held in the city’s Piazza Del Campo. And it makes the Grand National look like a pony club.

Hunger Games


A Clockwork Orange

The film concentrates on the contest between Gigi Bruschelli – 13-time Palio winner, all-time great and master manipulator – and the young pretender, Giovanni Atzeni, who’s seeking glory rather than money. It’s bizarre, funny, dramatic, with some breathtaking action shots. It’s also, if you sign up for our screenings, free to watch.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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[Images: Altitude Film Distribution/Picturehouse Entertainment]