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The joy of ShortList Film Club is that we bring you a glimpse of what’s soon to come: an early glance at an upcoming movie of excellence. For free, of course. With Bastille Day, you get all that, but you might also be seers of a more distant future, involving gadgets, guns and dry martinis. You get our drift.

It feels like a few actors having been giving their James Bond auditions recently, but all comers have been garrotted, poisoned and shoved out of an aeroplane by Idris Elba’s turn in this excellent breakneck thriller. Bastille Day could be a glorious, action-packed crystal ball. 

Elba plays a reckless CIA agent who is forced into an unlikely sponsored_longform with a brilliant pickpocket (Richard Madden) in order to uncover and take down a conspiracy.

The film is unashamedly fast-paced. It may be set in France, but there’s no time for chin-stroking and cig-smoking over a coffee when these boys hit a snag; problems are solved within seconds, so that we can get on to the next chase, fight or wisecrack. Just how we like it. And, we think, how you like it.

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Bastille Day is out on 22nd April.

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