Everything you didn't spot in the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer

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Bo Franklin

Now you've had time to digest the first trailer for the latest Star Wars film Rogue One, and spotted which London tube stations you'll recognise from your commute, take a look at everything else you probably missed. 

YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies has heroically broken the trailer down into its minutiae, going into enough detail to satisfy even the hungriest fan's appetite. Even more so than The Force Awakens, Rogue One looks to be a real celebration of everything which made the original trilogy so captivating all those years ago. Also, AT-ATs are back! 

Rumours of Vader's heavy breathing throughout the trailer might be one easter egg too far though — at least we couldn't pick it up on our tinny speakers. 

Rogue One is in cinemas on December 14th, but we'll be watching this on a loop for at least another month. May the 4th be with you, and all that. 

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