Dark Stock Photos is the hilariously twisted Twitter feed you need in your life

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Gary Ogden
Dark Stock Photos is the twisted Twitter feed you need in your life

Twitter is bad for a number of things, mainly giving terrible people a large outlet for their heinous opinions; but it’s also good for things, too, like making me spit my Fruit Shoot out all over my keyboard. And one such account that consistently makes me spray my Nesquik over my screen, is Dark Stock Photos.

Now, I love stock photos as it is, but the darker, the weirder, the more worrying they get, the more I like them. Thankfully, this account had trawled the very depths of the internet to find the worst (and therefore, most hilarious) images and stuck them all in one handy place for you. Good Guy Dark Stock Photos, here to save the day.

So, to help you out, I scrolled through the entire account (for research, for work, this is my job) and have picked my favourites - the ones that really made me spew out my out-of-date Panda Pops all over the postman’s face. AND HERE THEY ARE FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE:

(Oh, also, trigger warning, I guess?)

Amazing, yes, well done, good work, props, respect, I’m spent.

(Images: Dark Stock Photos, obviously)


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