"There’s a lot of blood": Chance Perdomo talks 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', pansexuality & 'Midsomer Murders'

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The star of Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ talks pansexuality, Midsomer Murders and fake blood

Where you might know him from: Playing Ambrose Spellman, the pansexual he-witch in new Netflix series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

How he’d sum up his character: “He’s Sabrina’s cousin, a puckish rogue from the UK who has actually been imprisoned in Spellman mortuary for 75 years.”

Does the show have anything to do with the Nineties’ sitcom? “Not really, it harks back to it in some ways, but it’s darker. Think The Exorcist or The Shining.”

So there’s no talking cat? “He’s not much of a talker.”

How he handled a pansexual character: “It was important not to treat his sexuality, or his ethnicity for that matter, as a buzzword. Ambrose is pansexual – he’s attracted to people regardless of biological sex or gender identity – he’s a fully formed, multi-faceted individual.”

On spending his lunchtimes in the shower: “There’s a lot of blood in Ambrose’s storyline, so I spent a lot of time washing it off. To recreate the old, crusty-looking stuff, the trick is to add corn syrup to fake blood.”

Why he did an episode of Midsomer Murders: “It’s such an iconic show. It was for their 20th anniversary, so it was a big episode. I played a young genius, a child prodigy, who you suspect he’s up to something unsavoury.”

Did he do it? “Has it come out yet? [Yes, in July] I don’t know if I can say. But I’d rather spoil this than Sabrina so I guess I can say that he did some crimes.”

What did his mum think of it? “She can’t find a link to watch it online. She’s gutted.”

The meaning behind that video of him crying on YouTube: “It’s called ‘Chance Perdomo Performs The BEST CRY EVER’. It’s from a drama I did called Killed By My Debt. It was really heavy stuff, based on the true story of Jerome Rogers.”

The role he’s dying to play: “I’d love to play Barney the dinosaur, but nobody would know it’s me inside the suit.”

Current non-work obsession:The Rock. I’ve adopted him as my guide; who wouldn’t want to be more like The Rock?

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is on Netflix now

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