Can we all take a second to remember how utterly insane the Bee Movie was?

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Nick Pope

Full disclosure: I love the Bee Movie. Love it. When it came out, 14 year-old me watched it three times in the space of one week. Two of those times were on my own. Months later, I rented it from the video shop and never gave it back. That shop ultimately closed down, and while I'm not entirely sure that the two facts are related, I'm willing to tell you now that I regret nothing.

But the thing is, I haven't watched Bee Movie, written by Jerry Seinfeld, since 2007. And since then, the fine people of Tumblr have put it under a little bit more scrutiny and, err... it hasn't aged well.

In fact, it might just be the weirdest mainstream kids' movie of the last decade...



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