It turns out that Bros are actually very superstitious after all

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What would Stevie Wonder say?

We’ve all seen the Bros documentary by now, right? If not, get on it now. If nothing else, After the Screaming Stops is full of ludicrous quotes, many of which have somehow already become iconic. 

Between conkers, Alfie the bulldog and British Airways, it’s easy to see why the show went so ridiculously viral. 

And one particular quote caught the public imagination. “I made a conscious decision because of Stevie Wonder to not be superstitious,” Matt earnestly told the camera. 

BUT: it looks like he wasn’t even telling the truth.

One eagle-eyed reader found a quote in a 1988 issue of Smash Hits that seems to contradict all of Matt’s previous superstition-related claims. 

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“It’s a Bros superstition,” Matt told the interviewer. “We’re really strict with superstitions. That’s why we’re really successful. We’ve got loads of them.” 

And, as others pointed out, he couldn’t even have got away with saying he’d not heard the song. 

So there we have it: Matt Goss saying something that makes absolutely no sense. Who’d have thought it?

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