The Ultimate Storm Of Swords Quiz


A Storm of Swords isn’t for the squeamish. While A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings can hardly be described as ‘gentle’, the third instalment of A Song of Ice and Fire sees George R. R. Martin wield his axe upon his characters with something akin to gay abandon.

While the war for the throne of Westeros rages on, Jamie Lannister is at large and the whispers of a Targaryen with dragons are growing louder. As the Night’s Watch look to defend the kingdom from its biggest threat in living memory, to the east Daenerys discovers new traitors in her camp. But can you recall the finer points of this epic tale of blood and betrayal? See how you do in our ultimate Storm of Swords quiz. 

The World of Ice and Fire reaches shelves on 28 October


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