The physical Amazon bookstore is using really cool and innovative ways to group books

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Dave Fawbert

When Amazon announced plans to start opening bricks-and-mortar, real, physical bookstores, it seemed like a very strange move.

After all, hadn’t the company grown rich by attempting to put them out of business by being cheaper, more convenient and with a selection – basically everything in the world – that no physical store could dream of matchng?

And they duly opened their first one in November 2015, in University Village in Seattle, before rolling out to two more West Coast locations. They’ve just opened their first store on the East Coast, in Massachusetts, housing 5,700 books. We’ll be honest, we didn’t really pay much attention to it – until now.

Because digital marketing specialist Paul Shapiro took a wander into the Massachusetts store and posted up a series of tweets which show the rather devilishly brilliant way in which the store is displaying its wares.

Below, more, ahem, novel ways that the store is displaying books:

That’s basically pretty cool isn’t it?


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