Shakespeare Summarised In Short Comics


We've all been there; some arts writer in that newspaper you read told everyone to see the latest performance of a Shakespeare play you'd never heard of. In a fit of cultural passion you bagged yourself some cheap tickets, resulting in a frantic search for a summary that won't take half an hour to read.

Enter stage right Mya Gosling and her succinct Shakespeare comics "In 3 Panels". Achingly simple, these short comic strips provide a concise beginning-middle-end guide to many of Shakespeare's classic and obscure works.

Rambling greats such as Hamlet (over 4,000 lines), Coriolanus (3,800) and Richard III (3,700) clearly lose some of their finesse, but you'll be grateful you gave them a quick once over when your eyes start drooping in act four.

Head to Gosling's site Good Tickle-Brain for more Shakespeare guides and comic funnies, and be sure to give Gosling (@GoodTickleBrain) a follow.


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