If Authors Ordered At Starbucks


The queue at your local Starbucks (any of them, there are probably several) will usually consist of the following figures: a harried business worker, iPhone pressed to their head while they thumb through their Blackberry, looking to order a double espresso before their 10am crash. A young creative, whose primary concern isn't the coffee but spot to set about writing their novel and updating their blog. There's always a smattering of mums with screaming infants (pumpkin spiced lattes) and an old couple confused why they "can't just order a coffee". What you won't find is a line of famed literary characters and authors looking for their caffeine top up - which is a shame. 

Thankfully, you don't have to carry on wondering if Mary Shelley was more of a cappuccino or mocha drinker any longer. As its name suggests, the Literary Starbucks tumblr account supposes a world in which legendary writers and fictional stars frequent the coffee chain in which many of their works are now read. 

Created by two English Literature and a History student (presumably with exams to avoid), the following posts will probably do nothing for you if you don't enjoy the smell of a fresh hardback or skip evenings out for a book in bed.

Check out our favourite picks below, and read the full tumblr over at Literary Starbucks.

[Via: io9]