Gillian Flynn To Give Hamlet A 21st Century Twist


Of all the historic stories that could do with a rewrite, or characters given an iPhone by way of a prop, it’s fair to say Hamlet isn’t one of them.

Nevertheless, Gillian Flynn, already a hotly hyped author thanks to recent bestseller Gone Girl, a thriller about to be released as a forthcoming film by director David Fincher, has announced she's about to give the tragedy a modern twist.

The move comes as part of the imminent Hogarth Shakespeare Series, which aims to mark the 400th anniversary of The Bard’s death next year by asking a number of established authors to give their spin on some of his best loved works.

Hamlet has long been a fascination of mine: murder, betrayal, revenge, deceit, madness ‒ all my favourite things,” said Flynn of her reasons for choosing said text.

We don't know about you, but when the lady doth protest like that, we're quite looking forward to it.

[Via: The Independent]


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