These animated geometric vintage book covers are mesmerising

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Dave Fawbert

Many predicted that, with the digital revolution threatening to overhaul the world of culture, that the humble record sleeve and book cover would soon be a thing of the past. After all, when you’re listening to everything on your phone and reading everything on a Kindle, a thumbnail will hardly be the canvas required for great art.

However, book formats have continued to flourish – and, perhaps, could even improve in the digital age, if these mesmerising book covers are anything to go by.

Two years ago, German visual artist Henning M. Lederer animated the geometric patterns of 55 vintage book covers for a short film imaginatively entitled ‘Covers’ – now he’s back with the equally imaginatively-titled difficult second album ‘More Covers’, which shows 36 animated covers from vintage psychiatry books, accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack from Jörg Stierle.

Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, and let your mind get nicely spaced out – clearly, gif album and book covers are the way forward, aren’t they?

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