11 times Floyd Mayweather was a flashy douchebag on Instagram

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Joe Ellison

Boxing icon Floyd Money Mayweather has received his Christmas present early this year - and no, it’s not a PS4 with two controllers and a copy of FIFA, much as he’d have probably liked.

It’s 'a rare and exotic tiger from India', which as you can see in the star's latest Instagram boast - wait, we mean post - definitely looks enamoured with its new owner. Yep, he doesn’t look like he’ll eventual maul Mayweather to bits at all.

As presents go, the Tyson-esque gift may look silly from the outside but when you look at some of the boxer’s other extravagant moments on social media, it's very much befitting his high roller lifestyle.

You don’t earn the nickname Money by being a tightwad.