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Beatboxing, zero divided by zero and 10 other things that makes Siri lose her mind

Twitter has gone collectively wild over the revelation of another of Siri's many talents this week: beatboxing.

Asking your ever-helpful digital assistant to lay down some beats results in... well, we won't spoil it, but give it a try. Meanwhile, it also turns out that she finally knows the secret of just what it is that the fox says.

Check out these twelve things that’ll turn Siri into a sarcastic heckler destroyer.



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20 Oct 2016

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19 Oct 2016

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18 Oct 2016

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17 Oct 2016

Rockstar Games tease sequel to Red Dead Redemption

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17 Oct 2016

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17 Oct 2016

All the features we wish were on Netflix

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17 Oct 2016