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Uber has a weird new logo we can't work out


Uber is coming out of its awkward teenage phase.

At least, that's what its CEO Travis Kalanick makes it sound like. He's just taken to Uber's blog to reveal the company's new logo, "a new look and feel that celebrates our technology, as well as the cities we serve."

Which roughly translates to, "Surprise! We got rid of the U."


This is what the Rider app will now look like: a strange reversed C, that looks a bit like Pac-Man struggling to swallow a cube of tofu.

The Partner app (the one for drivers) also contains no obvious visual cues for Uber's name or service.


"...we aspire to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone. Our new brand reflects that reality by working to celebrate the cities that Uber serves," writes Kalanick, who outlines a number of unique colour and design themes that will be rolled out to some of the 68 countries Uber now operates in.

There's also a new logo font, bound to excite anyone with a passing interest in kerning. 

Let us know your thoughts on the new Uber design below.



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