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This artist has turned the Apple T&Cs into a really cool graphic novel

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You are aware of iTunes' infamous terms and conditions – probably through the ‘Human CentiPad’ episode of South Park or, maybe, if you’re a murderer, from actually reading them – and now they have been made into this really, really cool graphic novel by the annoyingly talented artist R. Sikoryak.

Rendering 96 pages of unintelligibly dense legalese and loopholes and conditions and, uh, god, those fucking terms, man, into panel after panel of beautifully presented art is definitely one way to get people to actually read the damn thing. Not only only will it be released as a proper book by cracking Canadian indie publisher Drawn & Quarterly, it’s also available to read in its entirety on his Tumblr

Apple, if you’re reading this, and you definitely are, get this lad on the books and load this baby into the back-end of iOS Whateverthehellnext.

Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel will be published in a fully revised, color edition by @drawnandquarterly on March 7, 2017. 

Here’s a lil’ taste:




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