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There's now a dating app just for people who are obsessed with the gym


There’s nothing wrong with internet dating or dating apps in particular, but aren’t you tired of the sheer amount of new ones getting thrust in our faces every day? Tinder for vegans! Tinder for people who still rollerblade! Tinder for people who believe the government is run by lizards! Tinder for slugs!

It’s all a bit much, basically. But that’s not going to stop those plucky app developers, is it? No, which is why Gymder is a thing. It’s an app which connects people who like go gym innit, and lets them train together, amongst other things. The owners insist it’s not a dating app, but come on, it is isn’t it? It’s a dating app – if it was just to make friends with like-minded muscle-heads, then why do you have to allow it access to all your Insta pictures? Why does it matter what you look like?

What the app actually (supposedly) does, is puts you in contact with people in your immediate area so that you can either pump iron with them, swap training tips with them, or, you know, creep on their photos, which is what everyone’s going to use it for. It’s also set out more like Grindr than Tinder, in that there’s no swiping feature – you’re just presented with all the users in your sweaty vicinity.

The whole non-dating-app thing also isn’t being helped by press releases being sent out with subject lines saying “Instagram/Tinder for Athletes”. Still, regardless of it not “being” a dating app even though it’s definitely a dating app, I guess it’s still a step-up from approaching an actual person in the gym and sleazing all over them in real life? I don’t know.

Either way, if you are either attracted to, or actually are, one of the people in this video:

Then this is the creepy app for you!

No matter what you think about it though, you know it’s going to do well, because people who obsessively go to the gym like to hang around/go out with other people who obsessively go to the gym. Let them have their app – leave them alone!

Me? I’m just waiting for the dating app that connects me with other people that can’t eat a pizza bought from the shop without putting extra grated cheese on it.



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