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Lego tape could be the most important invention of the 21st century

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Every now and again, an invention comes along – an invention so good that it would have Deborah Meaden gleefully breakdancing on the table if it meant she could walk out of the Den with an investment in the bag. 

One such example: Lego tape. 

It’s never been more socially acceptable for a grown man to spend a hefty chunk of his disposable income on Lego sets. In fact, I have no reservations about telling you that I recently spent at least 45 minutes in a Lego store trying to amass the entire collection of The LEGO Batman Movie minifigures by carefully feeling the sealed mystery bags for each one’s individual component parts. If you haven’t cancelled a social engagement to spend an entire Saturday building a Lego Death Star, then have you really lived?

Anyway, back to Lego tape, one of those “seriously, I’ve been on this planet 27 years and not once, even at the peak of my marijuana-aided creativity, have I thought of this” innovations. If a ludicrously overfunded Indiegogo pitch materialises, you’ll soon be able to cover every wall in your house with brick art. 

The adhesive tape is flexible, cuttable and, crucially, reusable. You can stick it to most hard surfaces: fridges, desks, laptops, floors and any toy dinosaurs you might have lying around. Truly, you could transform your soulless, identikit office into a colourful, gravity-defying LEGO metropolis overnight. 

The only problem is that creators Nimuno are only accepting shipment orders in the US at the moment. No doubt that will change if it takes off. 




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