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This simple hack will make music sound louder on your iPhone


If you’re listening to your iPhone out loud (which you definitely shouldn’t be doing on the bus, by the way), there’s not much you can do once you hit max volume. There are a bunch of largely false urban myths – putting your phone inside a glass, for example – that don’t really work that well. 

But now, thanks to Twitter user Marcus, we’ve discovered a volume-increasing hack that ACTUALLY WORKS. 

All you need to do is: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to ‘Music’
  • Select equaliser (‘EQ’)
  • Select ‘Late Night’

Hey presto, loud music!

Late Night works by compressing audio – making everything a bit louder. According to specialist Apple website The Mac Observer, the feature – which has actually been around since 2014 – means you “don’t have to turn your volume up so much when you’re on public transport or another noisy place”.

One warning – the feature won’t make your music sound particularly brilliant. But if you want to put on some bangers at a BBQ or watch telly on the bus, it’s perfect. Just remember to turn it off the next morning. 



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