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Grindr has introduced a bunch of new emojis and some of them are a bit rude


Emojis: a lovely, inoffensive way to tell someone you want to have sex with them. People have been chucking out aubergines, peaches and water splashes for years, because sometimes, actually saying “Would you like to do a quick shag?” comes across a little… forward. Grindr, being one of the more sexually-charged dating apps, has been big on the emoji game for a while now, but it’s just released a big old update, and it’s not holding back.


It’s gone fully down the sex route here, with a huge haul of saucy smileys on offer – want to let someone know you like being tied up? There’s an emoji for it. Like eating bums? There’s an emoji for it. On a glory hole hype? There’s an emoji for it.

Those not fully up on the lingo will find a lot rather confusing, but most are pretty self-explanatory.


Also, if you’re not into letting everyone know all the rude stuff you like doing, there are some PG-rated ones too. 


Lovely stuff – it’s very important to let people know whether you’re a dog or a cat person.

Weirdly, there isn’t one that lets the other person know that actually, tonight you just want to stay in and watch horror moviesOh wait, yes there is:


[Images: Grindr]



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