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China Has Just Made A PS4/Xbox One Frankenstein Console


Back in July this year, China approved the manufacture and sale of video game consoles across the country, allowing the likes of PlayStation and Xbox to reach the nation's legions of gamers who had previously had to hunt out imports through the Shanghai free trade zone. 

Barely a month has passed, but the bootlegs and copy cats are already looking to exploit the new opening gaming market - like this Frankenstein creation.


It's called the Ouye - which sounds nothing like the little £90 streaming console, Ouya

Then there's the case design: a curious blend of the PlayStation 4's angular lines and the Xbox One's air vent, cobbled into one black box. 

As for the controller, it's a straight up clone of the Xbox One design, with a few extra central buttons throwing a thin veil over the copyright infringement. "No, your honour, it's an entirely different design - we've got five menu buttons, see?"


An Android-based streaming console - again, much like the Ouya - the Ouye will be able to stream games, TV and film media from a variety of apps. 

Currently seeking backing on Chinese crowdfunding site JD, an ace up the console's familiar sleeves is its price: the basic console can be picked up for around £44 (CNY ¥439).

Multinational companies have a legacy of struggles in upholding their copyrights in China: it's yet to be seen if Microsoft, Sony and Razer (who own Ouya) want to enter into a drawn-out legal battle against the Ouye's copycat designers. Just check out these designs that have gone before...


(Images: JD)

[Via: Wired.co.uk]



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