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The Ultimate Wolfenstein Quiz


Way back in 1981, a side-scrolling action game by Muse Software caused a considerable stir in the world of computer games. Castle Wolfenstein saw players take on the Nazis in a grim, dank medieval castle, battling their way to freedom with a set of war plans vital to the allied effort. Eleven years later, this title would prove the inspiration of the break-through shooter Wolfenstein 3D - a game that would change the face of FPS video games forever.

With Bethesda and Machine Games reintroducing us to the world of Wolfenstein in the hotly anticipated The New Order, we've constructed a fiendishly difficult quiz to test the most hardcore of Wolfenstein fans.

Dust off your pistol and sharpen your blade - the future of the free world depends on your knowledge of the most important FPS series ever made.



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