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The Ultimate Skyrim Quiz


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a vast game, capable of soaking up hours of an unsuspecting gamer's life. We've missed out on many a social occasion and sunny sky to stumble about ruins and caves - a decision we've never regretted.

With The Elder Scrolls Online not arriving until next year, we figured fans of Skyrim might like to pass some time with our fiendishly difficult quiz. Have your Dragon Shouts at the ready.



The best games of the week

A rolling archive of the best game releases of the week by David Cornish

12 Feb 2016

QUIZ: Can you match the Pokemon to their outline?

12 Feb 2016

Hand drawn video game covers are so much better than the real thing

We'd pay £5 for the artwork alone. by David Cornish

12 Feb 2016

You're going to wish this Mario Kart + Star Wars game was real

From the mix of sound effects to the choice of character-to-vehicle, every frame of this animation hints at the fandom of its creators. by David Cornish

12 Feb 2016

You won't be getting new Assassin's Creed game this year

We're hoping the rumours are true by David Cornish

12 Feb 2016

GTA V has made a Valentine's mode you can play with your girlfriend

So GTA V has a romantic side. Who knew?

11 Feb 2016

Could a new Crash Bandicoot game be on the way?

The platforming classic to return to the PlayStation 4? by David Cornish

10 Feb 2016

You'll be able to ride bears into battle in Far Cry Primal

It's a far cry from your average shoot'em'up. by David Cornish

10 Feb 2016

New study suggests violent video games won't mess up your kids

Your kids aren't about to go mad playing Fallout 4 by David Cornish

09 Feb 2016

Street Fighter V launch trailer is absolutely gorgeous

When your ass is being handed to you in a game that looks this good, it's hard to feel annoyed. by David Cornish

09 Feb 2016