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Stunning Assassin's Creed: Unity Location Comparison


Unfinished. Broken. Hurried. While the criticisms levelled at Assassin's Creed: Unity have been plentiful, the title has also drawn its fair share of admiring looks. 

Although the launch of Unity was fraught with bugs and patches, there's no denying that (when it works) it's one of the prettiest games to grace the latest generation of consoles. The clothes of the crowd flap in the breeze, the shadows play across courtyards with satisfying realism - but standing proud above all these achievements is the incredible architecture of Paris. 

To drawn attention to the brilliant work of the game's artists and designers, confessed Tumblr geek Tidamz has compiled a superb comparison photo series. Holding aloft an image of game's visuals of Paris during its bloody revolution, Tidamz has sought out the same contemporary locations to illustrate their similarities. From stonework to colouring, you can see that the artists did a sterling job of capturing the tone of the city. 

Head over to Tidamz's Tumblr page to see more of his superb images


[Via: Imgur]



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