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Rogue One in 8-Bit is the Star Wars video game we all need

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It’s a long way off until December’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so what the hell are we supposed to do in the meantime?

Well, as everyone loved Rogue One so much when it blasted into cinemas, we guess creating 8-Bit versions of that very film. And those guys at Cinefix have done it again.

Full of all the retro SNES-like sound effects you’ve come to love (so you don’t have to make PEW PEW sounds yourself), you can follow the journey of the Rebel Alliance as they battle stormtroopers on the way to try and destroy the Death Star, all to the electronic version of John Williams Star Wars theme.

Unfortunately at the moment it’s just a YouTube video, but if Donald Trump can be POTUS surely someone can knock this up into real game play fairly sharpish.

Come on nerds, make it happen.



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